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I re-read my last post and what was meant to be tongue-in-cheek now appears a bit snarky to me. Man, that pms…

I just finished reading Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center. The story itself appealed to me for obvious reasons – the main character is a mom of 3 who has put herself last, and decides to start taking care of herself for a change – but what got to me was the final paragraph of the book.

“Laughter is beautiful. Kindness is beautiful. Cellulite is beautiful. Softness and plumpness and roundness are beautiful. It’s more important to be interesting, to be vivid, and to be adventurous, than to sit pretty for pictures.”

Isn’t that great? Since then, my own twisted view of things has weighed heavily on me. I keep suddenly finding reference to the word “beauty” in books, online, every where I look. Is the world trying to tell me something?

I think it is time for a change, my friends.

This is a charmed life. Although there are bumps and snags along the way, well, there is also a lot of beauty to behold. The choice is in choosing to see it.

Today, on this day, I am turning my face toward the sun.

kids at the park



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