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We All Fall Down

Subtitle: How Facebook Altered My Worldview

I remember when I was in elementary school how important small things were: what color chair you sat in in the cafeteria, who brought their lunch and who bought, who was older or younger, who had been held back once (or maybe twice).  I thought if a kid went to the resource room that meant he was tragically stupid.  I thought the library was the BEST room in the whole school.  New kids were scrutinized by name first (Jimmy LOVE??? ha ha ha), then appearance.  And always, ALWAYS, which kid was going to either give you things like candy or stickers was very important.

These are the things I thought about as my oldest child began kindergarten. 

And after he was gone, and the younger child was engaged in an age-appropriate mentally stimulating activity (twirling her hair while staring at Blue’s Clues and sucking her thumb), I turned toward my third child – my laptop.  Reviewed the latest on Facebook.  And had the realization that despite what I thought separated us in school, most of the people I know on Facebook are very similar to me.  I mean, some are religious and have other specific details that belong only to them, but those details were no longer dividing points.  How the hell did that happen?

I know that I have Facebook friends who are older or younger than I am, who have more or less money than I do, more or less education.  It no longer seems to matter – suddenly, what we have in common unites us in a way I hadn’t thought possible.  Most of my Facebook friends are parents.  Almost all of us are kind of into our kids a little bit too much, but in that we also have similar dreams and fears about our kids.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re status updates are annoying or you never communicate with me personally then you will soon be the victim of a friends sweep.  It’s great to see how everyone is doing, but refer to yourself as Mommy on a regular basis or blather on about your pregnancy nausea in every update and BAM, I gotta let you go.  Facebook is fluid.  Trap me in your drama and I am suddenly back in high school wondering who said what about me and why – and really, who wants to be THERE again?

If you have avoided Facebook so far, I suggest you check it out.  You just might see what I have come to believe – we all aren’t that different after all.


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