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Of Who’s Name We Dare Not Speak

Blogging is serious business, you know. And I have to be careful about what I write so I do not get the upset phone call from a relative wanting to know why I have unearthed such a well-buried family topic for blog-reading consumption, or the cease-and-desist letter from the shitty supervisor’s attorney.

Ok, no, that hasn’t happened, but I just watched The Social Network and that is on my mind.

But I digress. I am acknowledging that there are things one should not include in a blog, or when doing it one should be quite careful in terms of libel and family relations.

I have many, many stories that I want to write about but Ima have to think about them and choose carefully in order to avoid upsetting the universe.

But what about the bad work experiences I have had? Oh Dooce, where are you to guide me?

I don’t want to fill an entire blog post with rantings about bad supervisors and people who “did me wrong.” I mean, I DO, but I also don’t want to hand over more of myself to people who don’t deserve the best of me. And my writing is pretty important to who I am.

Oh, caveat here – I am a counselor. Ha.

You might not know this, but certain people are drawn to certain career fields for certain reasons. Example: apparently many people who have learning difficulties are drawn to the education field. Likewise, many people with mental health issues are drawn to the mental health field. This is so prevalent that most graduate counseling programs require students to receive individual counseling as part of the curriculum. Unfortunately, the program I attended did not have this requirement and some classes felt like “intro to abnormal psych” just because of the crazy shit my fellow students would contribute to class discussions.

And yes, I get that I am implicating myself here as crazy. That’s ok. You’ll note that I am not bucking to be in charge.

I have had great work experiences which by far outweigh the not-so-great ones, of who’s names I dare not speak.

You are dead to me, bad supervisors.


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