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Who Needs Film School?

My son loves Legos and gets a kick out of the Lego videos posted on Youtube. He is always coming up with different story ideas for videos but so far we haven’t been able to do much with it.

Well, the other day I was playing around on my computer and my son asked me if I could film a “movie” he wanted to make with his Lego guys. In a flash of inspiration I did a quick google search and found several different tutorials on how to make stop-motion animation.

Fortunately, I have Windows Movie Maker on my laptop (available  here ) and my handy Sony cybershot digital camera, and lots of Lego people.

We had so much fun. Our first video was very short, just an experiment to see if we could do it.

The second one he made on his own so it is not as smooth and I don’t have the music added to it yet.

But this is the one that I made, and the kids were rolling with laughter over it.

What do you think?

I think I have found a new hobby, lol.


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2 thoughts on “Who Needs Film School?

  1. That’s pretty freakin’ cool for your first one, and funny. I bet your kids will have a blast even just planning their movies, let alone the actual films y’all actually create. Awesome idea.

  2. Brandi on said:

    Awesome! Ryan loved that. 🙂

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