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Ho ho ho

The days are rapidly running together as Christmas is approaching. I can’t seem to keep the date straight – every day I end up squinting at the calendar to figure out what it is. Without a job, classes, or kids in school I have no point of reference.

I have been trying to do stuff with the kids, although I confess that I feel lost about establishing traditions. I think this is because my “tradition” ideas always seem to be about food and I just don’t think that is a good idea given my weight struggles. I have maintained my loss for a year now and definitely don’t want to end up near 200 pounds again (FYI, I am 5’3″). I have done some sweets, of course. I made amazing mint fudge and these cookies-n-creme bars (rice krispy treats made with crumbled oreos instead of rice krispies). We also made rolo-pretzel yummies (or reindeer noses, as I called them).

We made salt-dough ornaments:


We decorated gingerbread houses:


We went to the ER.


Ella took a crack to the skull from a 3 year-old boy wielding a golf club aka. light saber. I am usually pretty calm in this type of crisis but it immediately bulged up and turned purple which immediately convinced me that it was a skull fracture with probable brain bleed that would result in blindness, seizures, death. I used to be addicted to Discovery Health Channel, in case you were wondering, plus I have worst-case-scenario syndrome.

Pardon the bad pic, it was with my phone

She is fine. In fact today, a mere 24 hours later, there is no swelling and just light bruising. But she still has the nasty cough and stuffy nose she has been fighting for like 6 weeks. She is on her 3rd antibiotic, plus prescription nasal spray and as-needed breathing treatments, plus daily claritin and now several times per day dosing of Mucinex. I suppose I will call the ENT and try to get her in with them since this is now a sinus/ears thing.

Tonight I am off with my husband for our first real date-night with a teenage babysitter handling the kids at home. I am thrilled but having a wardrobe crisis because it has hit me that yoga pants and a v-neck T from Old Navy might not cut it in a restaurant with (gasp) cloth napkins. I better get on it.

OH! I went for a run this morning before my husband left for work. That means I was running before 6:30 am, thankyouverymuch. And can you tell that I LOVE this new camera?



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