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Daily Details

It was a rainy morning.

I got up first to let the dogs out (they always pester me and not my husband, some things are not fair). Made some coffee. Messed around online for a little while.

Decided it was time to get started on the laundry. I know many women swear by Flylady but I have never been able to get into it – I know she suggests doing one load of laundry each day or something like that. I don’t do this. Sometimes I might do a load mid-week but usually that is out of necessity and not for organizational purposes. Today’s laundry ended up being 5 loads – normally it is 4 but I did the sheets too.

Anyways, I told myself that I needed to take some pictures today because I had been avoiding it for the last few weeks. This week’s theme is “details.” However, it was rainy, so I was not able to wander around outside getting cool close-ups like I imagined doing. Instead I took some different photos of boring stuff inside my home, trying to focus on the little things.

These floors are the first thing I see when I come home from work, other than the dogs rushing me at the door.

And, also, this mess:

The irony about this picture is that the shelf was an attempt at organizing the Giant Mass of Shoes but instead it seems to have made the mass giant-er.

Details are important, of course, but I tend to miss lots of them. I’m not sure why. I tend to have lots going on in my head at the same time and it is difficult to really focus on the smaller pieces of things – I am more of a ‘big picture’ person, I think. I wish I were more detail-oriented. I imagine my life would be neater, better organized, and that I’d feel more in control if I were on top of all of the details.

I did find this, though. On the patio, in the rain. The kids still play in the sandbox and apparently someone mixed the shells we brought back from Charleston last year in with the sand. A little tweaking in Photoshop and the fine details stand out from the concrete.

Glad I noticed it and didn’t step on it.

I am participating in p52, a weekly photo link-up hosted by my3boybarians. This week’s theme is “details.” Click here to see all the other great photos.


Resolutions Check-in

It has been 3 months, so the first quarter of 2012 has come and gone. Time to check in on those resolutions.

This is going to be embarrassing…

1. Keep running. Run more. Have fun with it. Do more races.

So, about the running. I haven’t been doing it. I don’t know why. I think it is a self-care thing, I am feeling overwhelmed with working and parenting AND planning to move so I don’t take the time to run. I actually registered for a race last month thinking it would push me to establish a more regular running routine – but I ended up getting my race packet and then blew off the race. I don’t know what to do to get back into it.

2. Get organized! Throw crap out. Give stuff away. DON’T buy more crap!

This one is okay. I have not bought more crap. I have thrown crap out and taken (small) steps at improving the organization of things around here. It is not perfect – for example, I still need to sell the loft bed that the kids have outgrown but it is just taking up space in the spare room right now – but it is okay. Effort noted.

3. Get the dog into a training class. Please. For the love…

I did this one! Not a class exactly – the trainer came for an in-home lesson and gave us a few tips and things to work on with the dog. Apparently the dogs are pretty smart – Gracie too, much to our surprise. We just don’t expect more of them. It is actually hard to remember to do a few minutes of training with the dogs each day. Some weeks we are on it, others…meh.

4. Have more fun. Play with the kids. Do things I enjoy, even if I have to do them alone.

I don’t know what to say about this one. I have definitely NOT been having more fun. (I was so hopeful back in early January, wasn’t I?) Like the running issue, this one is also about not putting enough value into “me” time.

5. Take more pictures. Keep learning about photography. Stick with it.

Well, you might have noticed the lack of picture with this post. The camera has been spending time with my running shoes, sitting neglected and forlorn. I do not know why. I suspect I suffer from what can only be called “ups and downs.” I love taking pictures and creating things, it is simply a matter of being able to make it happen. (I have not done the last 2 weeks of p52 photos either – hope to get that done tomorrow)

6. Learn to swim.

This was unofficially added after the great pool-asshole-kid incident. Nope, haven’t tackled it yet.

So, there it is. Resolutions reviewed.



Renter’s Dilemma

With a semi-big move looming in the next few months, I have begun the process of locating a suitable rental property for us in our new city. This is a big deal because our requirements are, apparently, insanely opulent.

The must-haves include:

  • fenced yard
  • non-busy street or cul-de-sac
  • 3 bedrooms plus a bonus/office since my husband will be working from home
  • AC
  • and the biggest one of all: pet-friendly
I completely understand why landlords are not keen on tenants with pets. Pets are messy. And destructive. And loud.
I get it. In fact, before we lost our asses financially, we were landlords to our own rental property.
(FYI – we allowed our renters to have pets.)
Renting a home after being a homeowner is a pride-swallowing endeavor. The ruthless examination of your financial history coupled with judgments about your lifestyle based upon the information provided on paper, well, it sucks. Plus, the options as a renter are pretty limited. Unless we want to pay several thousand dollars each month to rent something high-end, or we want to subject ourselves to upstairs or downstairs neighbors in an apartment complex, we are left to pick over plain, semi-neglected homes with unwatered lawns and strange-smelling carpet.
The pet factor only makes it harder.
Now, I think of us as being a fairly typical family. We have 2 kids. Two cars. Two parents. Two jobs (reasonably well-paying). And we have two dogs, and two cats.
Had we been renters for our entire marriage, we would not have acquired so many pets because it is a ridiculous pain in the ass to try to convince anyone to allow you to rent their home when you have 4 pets. Alas, we were homeowners when we got 3 of the 4. And because I feel that animals are a part of the family, we kept them when we lost everything else, even though it complicated our home search and cost us hundreds of dollars in pet fees.
Foolish? Maybe.
But how could you look at this face:



or this one:




or even this one:



and choose who to leave behind? Because I can’t. And I won’t.


(I know you are thinking “leave the ugly cat” but really, he is nice)




I am participating in project52. Clink here to check out all the great photos for this week’s theme, which was “Be still.” I wanted to take some moody outside photos for the theme but instead settled for animal pics.

A Great Leap

These are my feet.

I have hated my feet forever. In fact, I did not wear sandals until I was out of high school because I was so self-conscious about my ugly feet.

When I was a child, of course, I didn’t think too much about my feet (other than I hated being barefoot).

When I was a teenager, I thought about my feet too much. I also thought about, well, mySELF too much. It amuses me now to realize how much time and energy I have spent worrying about what goes on in the heads of other people. I still do it, of course. Only I beat myself up about it much more now.

Back to the feet.

I have bunions in both feet. Jesus does that make me sound old. The truth is, though, I have had said bunions since I was a teenager. Although there is a ton of evidence out that implicates the wearing of heels or too-small shoes in the development of bunions, mine are the result of plain ol’ genetics.

Anyone who knows me could dismiss the heel theory pretty quickly.

My feet hurt pretty much all the time. I briefly had to deal with plantar fasciitis in addition to the bunions, but that went away after I lost weight. I have to be very careful about what kinds of shoes I wear – anything heavy, or tight, or with even a hint of a heel will leave me limping. It sucks.

I went to a podiatrist (insert old-person groan here) and his solution is to surgically correct my feet. His description of the surgery included the phrase “knock you out using the stuff that killed Michael Jackson.” Is that the guy you want cutting your feet while you are asleep? Uh, me neither.

So I struggle with my ugly, bunioned feet. I hide them. I wear flats. I even wear my brown UGG slippers to work – shut up, nobody can tell. I limp and then cringe whenever anyone asks me why.

“My, uh, feet,” is usually my only answer. I should probably come up with a more interesting story – bunions are so over.

These feet, though, have brought me places I never imagined:

  • across the stage to receive my graduate school diploma
  • down the aisle to my waiting, soon-to-be husband
  • into a hospital room to birth my children
  • onto an airplane flying to Hawaii
  • across the finish line of my first race

There are days when I do not even imagine getting out of my bed in the morning. But these feet, somehow, miraculously, pull themselves out from under the covers and plant themselves onto the floor – propelling me into another day of this life I never knew would be mine.

I am participating in project52, a weekly photo link-up hosted by This week’s theme is “A Great Leap,” obviously.

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