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Renter’s Dilemma

With a semi-big move looming in the next few months, I have begun the process of locating a suitable rental property for us in our new city. This is a big deal because our requirements are, apparently, insanely opulent.

The must-haves include:

  • fenced yard
  • non-busy street or cul-de-sac
  • 3 bedrooms plus a bonus/office since my husband will be working from home
  • AC
  • and the biggest one of all: pet-friendly
I completely understand why landlords are not keen on tenants with pets. Pets are messy. And destructive. And loud.
I get it. In fact, before we lost our asses financially, we were landlords to our own rental property.
(FYI – we allowed our renters to have pets.)
Renting a home after being a homeowner is a pride-swallowing endeavor. The ruthless examination of your financial history coupled with judgments about your lifestyle based upon the information provided on paper, well, it sucks. Plus, the options as a renter are pretty limited. Unless we want to pay several thousand dollars each month to rent something high-end, or we want to subject ourselves to upstairs or downstairs neighbors in an apartment complex, we are left to pick over plain, semi-neglected homes with unwatered lawns and strange-smelling carpet.
The pet factor only makes it harder.
Now, I think of us as being a fairly typical family. We have 2 kids. Two cars. Two parents. Two jobs (reasonably well-paying). And we have two dogs, and two cats.
Had we been renters for our entire marriage, we would not have acquired so many pets because it is a ridiculous pain in the ass to try to convince anyone to allow you to rent their home when you have 4 pets. Alas, we were homeowners when we got 3 of the 4. And because I feel that animals are a part of the family, we kept them when we lost everything else, even though it complicated our home search and cost us hundreds of dollars in pet fees.
Foolish? Maybe.
But how could you look at this face:



or this one:




or even this one:



and choose who to leave behind? Because I can’t. And I won’t.


(I know you are thinking “leave the ugly cat” but really, he is nice)




I am participating in project52. Clink here to check out all the great photos for this week’s theme, which was “Be still.” I wanted to take some moody outside photos for the theme but instead settled for animal pics.


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One thought on “Renter’s Dilemma

  1. Angela on said:

    “leave the ugly cat”! Hahahahahahaaa. Poor Cyrus. And Gracie? I looove her.

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