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Daily Details

It was a rainy morning.

I got up first to let the dogs out (they always pester me and not my husband, some things are not fair). Made some coffee. Messed around online for a little while.

Decided it was time to get started on the laundry. I know many women swear by Flylady but I have never been able to get into it – I know she suggests doing one load of laundry each day or something like that. I don’t do this. Sometimes I might do a load mid-week but usually that is out of necessity and not for organizational purposes. Today’s laundry ended up being 5 loads – normally it is 4 but I did the sheets too.

Anyways, I told myself that I needed to take some pictures today because I had been avoiding it for the last few weeks. This week’s theme is “details.” However, it was rainy, so I was not able to wander around outside getting cool close-ups like I imagined doing. Instead I took some different photos of boring stuff inside my home, trying to focus on the little things.

These floors are the first thing I see when I come home from work, other than the dogs rushing me at the door.

And, also, this mess:

The irony about this picture is that the shelf was an attempt at organizing the Giant Mass of Shoes but instead it seems to have made the mass giant-er.

Details are important, of course, but I tend to miss lots of them. I’m not sure why. I tend to have lots going on in my head at the same time and it is difficult to really focus on the smaller pieces of things – I am more of a ‘big picture’ person, I think. I wish I were more detail-oriented. I imagine my life would be neater, better organized, and that I’d feel more in control if I were on top of all of the details.

I did find this, though. On the patio, in the rain. The kids still play in the sandbox and apparently someone mixed the shells we brought back from Charleston last year in with the sand. A little tweaking in Photoshop and the fine details stand out from the concrete.

Glad I noticed it and didn’t step on it.

I am participating in p52, a weekly photo link-up hosted by my3boybarians. This week’s theme is “details.” Click here to see all the other great photos.


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