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This week’s p52 theme is “sacrifice.” Must be related to the Easter/Jesus/resurrection thing?

Or the bunnies sacrificing their chocolate for the children of the world?

Either way, giving something up for the sake of someone or something else – it’s kind of a big deal.

Being a parent involves a shit-ton of sacrifice. Mothers and fathers give up big stuff (careers) and small stuff (soda) all  because it might somehow benefit the little being at the center of their world.

My sacrifice? Well, it is Spring Break and it has been spent dealing with a stomach bug and pink-eye. Kind of a bummer week.

So now that everyone is better, I brought the kids to the pool.

Poor quality photo courtesy of my cell phone

I have mentioned my hatred of swimming and the community pool here and here. Bringing the kids to the pool, by myself, is a sacrifice in my book. It stresses me out. It is boring as hell. It is hot. Other kids agitate me. I don’t trust the teenage lifeguards. I rarely have a decent place to sit. I basically become a giant mental mess.

But they love it, and I love them blahblahblah so we went to the pool.


I am participating in p52, one photo each week. This week’s theme is “sacrifice.” Duh. Check out all the other sacrifices here.


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