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Green (p52)

Project 52’s theme this week is “green.”

For Earth Day, I celebrated by posting obnoxious status updates about my vegetarianism, along with links to disturbing documentaries highlighting the ways in which humans are essentially horrific.

Then I guiltily eyed my leather shoes and I couldn’t sleep because I thought about where the leather comes from.


So, in an abrupt change of topic, I received my Master’s degree 9 years ago now. Wow. I think my knowledge is totally outdated. People keep giving me funny looks when I recommend holding therapy. Hmmm.

Anyways, when I graduated a friend gave me a “lucky bamboo” plant. It was sort of symbolic, something about prospering and being lucky – yet I have no luck and I have not exactly prospered.

But would you believe I still have that bamboo?

I DO!!

Obviously, it is not in my backyard all the time.

I wonder if it means I am lucky because it is still around? I don’t know. I just like it.

I am participating in project52, a weekly photo link-up. This week’s theme was “green.” Check out all the other great photos here.


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