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Who Knew?

I met my husband in a bar in the mid-west. Er, club, I meant club. But it wasn’t like THAT…

We were sort of set up. My brother knew him from work, and he and his wife wanted to set us up. Only, well, I had a boyfriend at the time (he was back home). So it never happened.

My stay with my brother and his family was only temporary, and I made plans to return home (back east). As a final celebration, my sister-in-law and I went out together – first to dinner, then to a local club for drinks and dancing. As it turned out, my husband went to the club that night too. When my sister-in-law spotted him, I insisted that I did not want to meet him. I don’t know, I just figured if we met it would somehow alter my plans of returning.


And it did.

We met, exchanged numbers, and got together the next day for dinner and a movie. And I pretty much never left.

I ended it with the boyfriend back east (by phone), and soon we headed out west together. We married 3 years later.

Had our first child together 2 years later. And added another one 2 years after that.

This summer we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

I’m not going to get all nostalgic and sentimental, I swear.

He is a good man, good husband, good father. Also, he is hot.

Who knew what I’d find in a bar club in the middle of the country would be the start of all of this?

Happy (late) Father’s Day, Doug!

I am participating in project52, a weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is “fathers.” Check out all of the other great photos here.


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