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Weighing in

I am battling some eye problems right now, which is a little bit scary. Basically I can’t wear my contacts any more because my eyes get too dry. I wore them for a few hours on Monday and that evening both eyes turned red and zombie-ish. So now I’m coming to terms with the fact that I will be wearing my glasses all the time for a while. So this morning I grabbed my glasses, squirted eye drops in my eyes, and stumbled onto the scale. Here is what it said:


And yes, apparently my scale is filthy. It lives in the bathroom, where it attracts hair spray and animal hair. Would you believe I actually wiped it off before snapping the pic?

I’ve been thinking about what I can change in my daily life that will help me to be the size I want to be. I think it needs to be some form or exercise or activity, since I have never been able to incorporate that into a long-term habit. Should I get a treadmill? Doing something outside is not realistic with the extreme weather here, and planning to go the gym every day won’t happen because it is honestly crazy hard to get out of my house with my kids in a reasonable amount of time.

Food: I am staying away from processed stuff as much as possible. Funny how much easier it is to eat healthily when you actually have fruits and vegetables and good food in the house! This week I made mac n cheese with quinoa which was pretty tasty and filling, and the kids actually ate it too. I also planned our meals for the week, which is very hard for me because I am a vegetarian and so is my husband but the kids are not – and my husband is really picky and not into eating vegetables or fruit AND I try to avoid carbs. This is a bit of a challenge, no? My solution is to not include my husband in the plan. Sorry, something had to give, and I was tired of knocking myself out putting together a vegetarian meal just for him to wrinkle his nose and complain about it. He seems to be okay with this so far, as long as I keep things in the house that he can throw together for himself like Chipotle Black Bean burgers, salad, peanut butter, etc. Meh, it works.

Soooo, there is that. Stay tuned for next week. Oh, I might do a P52 post before then, we’ll see!


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