Dellabee and Me

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Did You Know…

…I am taking an online writing class? And I love it! It is through Gotham Writer’s Workshop.  I am taking a class on non-fiction. I am probably going to attempt a memoir eventually.


…I am sick right now? It’s true. I have the most.annoying.cold.ever. It started with a sore throat that lasted for 5 days, then yesterday my nose because stuffed and today I am totally congested. Throat? Still sore.


…my cat is going to get groomed on Wednesday and I swear she knows? She keeps pooping in the tub. She holds grudges.


…we put in an offer on a house? SQUEEEEE. We did! It’s a short sale though – wah wahhhhh. The seller accepted our offer, we are just waiting for the seller’s bank to approve the sale. We could have an answer tomorrow, or mid-March. Who knows? We do have time, since our lease isn’t up until the end of May. The house is going into foreclosure and there is a court date set for March so if we don’t hear anything before then we will let it go and find something else.


…I am being a really annoying sick person? I am. I don’t know why, I have definitely had worse illnesses. My husband is holding up like a champ, probably because he is planning to show me his man-cold soon.




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