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End of the Weekend

ella bestdayever

It was a glorious weekend.

The weather was warm on Friday, providing a peek at spring’s return. Friday night we picked up pizza from our new favorite pizza place and settled in to watch Rise of the Guardians together – only our neighbors ended up renting it too, so they invited the kids over to watch it with them while Doug and I watched it at our house. Yes, we like kids’ movies.

Saturday started off chilly and wet but the weather guy was saying it would be over 70 outside. After a breakfast of Pillsbury orange rolls (yes, all sugar and various bad things but goodgawd they are YUM), we headed off to a theater in the northern part of the city. I had won 4 free passes to an early screening of The Croods by entering a contest through gofobo. This was really cool! We got to see the movie for free – in 3D, people! – and we saw it before it is even out in theaters yet. This meant the security was kind of strict – lots of warnings about taking pictures and cell phones being off and people milling about in matching blazers. At one point during the movie, one of them came up to me and demanded to see my cell phone because she had seen a flash and thought I was taking pictures. Um, no. It was actually the damn light-up shoes that my daughter was wearing – every time she shifted around it created a flash in our aisle. Note to self – don’t wear light-up shoes to the movies.

(By the way, if you get the chance to see The Croods I would definitely recommend it. The animation and cinematography were amazing. The characters were funny. The animals were adorable. But it was about cavemen and the shifting of tectonic plates that destroyed what was Pangea, so if you aren’t a big believer in science/evolution you might want to skip it and also stop reading my blog because I am going to offend you.)

After the movie, we walked around an open-air shopping center. The weather was gorgeous. The kids played in the grassy area and the fountain. We went out for lunch (Applebee’s, meh) and headed to Costco where we spent MUCH more than we had planned to because our renewal was due. $110. Ouch. We recovered with Costco smoothies for the drive home, and then the kids went to spend the night with a friend of mine – our kids are the same ages and get along really well and my friend actually likes hosting sleepovers. So, kid-less, we rented some R movies from the Redbox and enjoyed the swearing and violence without constantly cringing and lowering the volume. Good times.

Sunday morning, I folded laundry and watched The Irish in America while drinking my coffee and eating blueberry Pop-Tarts. Picked up the kids. Fed them lunch. Then E and I headed to a friend’s birthday party, while D chose to stay home with Doug to play video games and watch nature shows on tv and, I suspect, silly videos about farting animals on Youtube.

The party had a Tangled theme, with beautiful decorations and even a few real princesses came to visit. E, though, was not really herself. I think she was tired. Plus, she is going through a little insecure phase where she feels uneasy around new people and worries about how she looks, which makes large birthday parties really hard for her. She did okay.

(Did I mention that we are buying a house? Not the short sale I mentioned before – we backed out of that deal within a week or so of submitting the offer, when we learned that the chances of the sale going through were pretty slim since the foreclosure process had already begun. We found another house in the same area. We are supposed to close at the end of March.) So on our way home from the party, E and I drove past the new house to see what was blooming in the yard.

At home, the kids did baths and had dinner and hung out until bedtime. And that is when D burst into tears because he regretted not going to the party, and also because the weekend was over and he felt like we should have done more because our weekends go by too fast.


Seriously, our weekends are rarely this busy. We all like to be home.

D does this every week. He cries on Sundays because he dreads the start of another week. He also cries when I wake him up for school on Monday morning. This has been going on since he was in kindergarten.

It was a fantastic weekend. I am ready for bed. D isn’t ready for it all to be over. Sigh.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

fourleaf clovers


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