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I Already Forgot What I was Going to Call This

The youngest child lost her first tooth on Friday. And then the tooth was promptly lost in the midst of packing and moving. And then the tooth was forgotten about until Monday, when I suggested that she write a note for the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened and then leave the note under her pillow.

I hit the ATM on the way home from work Monday afternoon, but I couldn’t get anything smaller than a $20. So I took it, figuring I’d stop at the gas station or something just to break it.

Between the bank and my house, which is about a 4 minute drive, I forgot to stop at the gas station.

So, that night after Ella wrote her note, I remembered that I only had a $20. Shit. There was no way I was heading out at 9pm – here is your evidence of my commitment to good parenting, if it is inconvenient for me it isn’t happening.

I decided, after she fell asleep, to go slip the $20 under her pillow. I rationalized that: a. this was her first lost tooth b. this was our last first lost tooth and c. we had forgotten about this for 3 whole days. A $20 seemed reasonable after all.

Only when I went in to her room I could not locate the note. Then I panicked because I had only told her to write it, I never verified that she had done it. What if she hadn’t? Would it blow the whole premise of the Tooth Fairy if she just randomly left the money with no note explaining the lack of a tooth? So I came back out and asked my husband if he had seen the note, and he hadn’t.

Then I forgot about it again. I am a terrible parent.

Tuesday morning, my husband said that he had spotted the note somewhere on her bed. I grabbed the $20 and blasted it with some gold glitter (to make it “fairy” like) and headed to her room. But she met me halfway, clutching the note in her hand with a dejected look on her face.

“I guess she didn’t come,” she said plaintively.

“Wait, where did you look?” I replied, taking the note from her and cupping the money in my hand behind it. She walked back to her bed, where I began flinging pillows around until I exclaimed “Oh, here it is, I think I found something, is this…okay, here is something” and simultaneously wedged the glittery money between her mattress and headboard. She pounced on it and happily purred about how she now had more money than her brother.

I had to take a picture of the gap between her teeth so I could post it on Facebook for my parents to see. Then she insisted that I take another picture of her posing with the glitterfied $20, which I did.

So, when you see the picture on Facebook of my gap-toothed daughter smiling next to a golden $20, please know that I am not one of those overindulgent parents who really thinks a tooth is worth $20. Hell no. I’m just the slacker mom who forgot to get change after forgetting about the tooth for 4 nights in a row.




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