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A Brief Check-in

And like that, it’s summer.

Being a school employee, I look forward to having summers off. Then I remember that I am not actually “off,” but actually just morphing into SAHM mode. I suck at stay-at-home-momming.

Actually, I think I am pretty average at it.

Sometimes I am on top of my game. I play with the kids, do projects with them, bring them to cool places, take them out to eat. Other times, well, I spend WAY too much time on my computer and let the kids sort of Lord-of-the-Flies the day away.

Summers are nuclear hot here in the South. The kind of hot that makes it hard to breathe – where you nearly die starting your car and waiting for the AC to kick in. Summers in the South are spent largely indoors. This has been a shift for me – having grown up in upstate NY and then living in Oregon for about 10 years, my summers had been spent outside. Staying inside in the summer was always kinda lame. But now, it’s a matter of survival. I am okay with staying inside. The kids are too.

In fact, the kids might be too okay with staying inside. D is nursing a killer technology addiction right now. All he wants to do is play frigging Mine.craft on the computer or his tablet. For the first few days of summer break – when I was still working my required teacher workdays – he didn’t even get out of his pajamas. I’m afraid he’s going to turn into Cartman from South Park.

E, well, she wants to do stuff. All the time. Art projects, exploring outside, making “museums” out of found objects. She longs for a friend in our new neighborhood, which sadly appears to consist entirely of older semi-retired folks. I sent our contact information to school with her to give to her friends so we could hopefully get some playtime scheduled, but nobody responded and we still haven’t heard from anyone. I did sign her up for summer dance classes, which have just started. I might need to find her another camp or something before she drives me batshit crazy.

The kids are switching schools again. Our new house is in a different school zone than the one they were attending – after we moved, Doug just drove them back and forth to school instead of switching them mid-year. I hope that when they start their new school in the fall, they will make some nearby friends.

I have started my part-time job providing in-home counseling. I messed up last year and didn’t elect to have my paychecks broken up over 12 months instead of 10, which means I will not get paid again until the end of August. Although I originally pursued the counseling gig as a way to keep from getting bored with my regular job, I am glad to have it now as back-up money. It’s good, I can set my own schedule and pick and choose who I work with and when.

The house is great. It is feeling more like home. We haven’t done anything to it yet, but painting is definitely on the horizon. We had a storm a few days ago with c-r-a-z-y wind that knocked a couple of our trees down. The house a few doors down from us had one of their giant trees totally upended, lying across the driveway. Glad that wasn’t our house.

Meh, not much else going on around here – or inside my head, for that matter. Just chilling for now.





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One thought on “A Brief Check-in

  1. I might need some in-home counseling. You can counsel by the pool… with a nice cool drink. I can be your client!

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