Dellabee and Me

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Dellabee and Me makes 3, dellabee being the 2 reasons I can’t get 1 full night’s sleep. Ever.

I am pretty honest about most stuff, especially parenting. I’d like to kick Katie Holmes’ ass for saying something like this in an interview “I just love motherhood, it’s so magical.”  Really?

I am not great with conflict, though, so please don’t come looking for me, Katie, cause you’d win. I’d cry.

I am an overeducated, underemployed wife and mother of 2 kids – D and E.  I have too many pets and not enough litter boxes.  I like to sew but don’t like to read patterns.  I can paint or draw pretty much anything but don’t ask me to plunge the toilet cause  it ain’t happening (without gagging, that is).

I’d hang out with me. I think…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Heather on said:

    I really love reading your blog. It’s so well written and entertaining. I would start one, but I’ve never been good at journaling and I think it would last about a week (at best)!

  2. You have a great and entertaining blog. I enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. I’d totally hang out with you… wait, I already do. 🙂

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