Dellabee and Me

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In March 2011 I ran my very first 5K – and lived.

Since then I completed the Couch25K training and ran another 5K.

I am trying to incorporate running into my life on a more regular basis, but as is common for me it has not been easy to do consistently. I keep trying though. Hopefully it will just be one more thing that I “do.”

Helpful running tips and links:

  • Get fitted for running shoes at a running store – a real running store, not a sporting goods store but a place that videos your feet as you run on a treadmill. Having the right shoes can change everything. Trust me.
  • Running hurts at first. It is ok. It is normal. Don’t quit! As you continue to run, you develop muscles and increase your bone strength so that eventually things don’t hurt. This is not to say that you should run through an injury, I am referring to the aches and pains common with newby runners.
  • Make your own goals. Mine was to complete a 5K, which I did before I finished the C25K program so then my goal was to finish the program. Now my goals is to simply run a mile or 2 as often as I can. Don’t go into running with the belief that you will eventually need to run very fast or complete a marathon – you don’t.
  • check the out the C25k download here for your ipod – it is a free program that will get you running
  • check out different events at active and runningintheusa
  • read about other runners! here are a few of my favorites

another mother runner

roni’s weigh

will run for coffee

365 days of awesome


Just try it. You might like it. You might not. That is okay, but if you don’t try it you won’t know what you might have been able to do.


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